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Our Instructors

Allison King.jpg

Allison King
Executive Director

Allison joined the Southlands team in September of 2010 as the Executive Director. She brought with her a lifelong love of horses and an appreciation of the virtues they instill in humans: responsibility, self-reliance, passion, perseverance, and love.  With a rich background from the Equitation ring to International Camp Director, Allison can dig into her past and come up with experiences that are useful to the Southlands family.

Allison’s passions are horses and lifelong learning with horses. She had been focusing on Dressage for a while now.  She has acquired her USDF Bronze & Silver medals. Allison has gone through the USDF Learner Judge Program and has acquired her “L*” permit with distinction. Some of her goals are riding Grand Prix and getting a few more medium level scores and go on to the national USEF dressage judges licensing program.

Wendy Brooke.jpg

Wendy Brooke
Barn Manager

I grew up riding in Zambia where we did a bit of everything; from trails and gymkhana to eventing and polo. I moved to England when I turned nineteen and my somewhat rough riding style had to be rebuilt.  I evented extensively while in the UK and developed a passion for the training process involved in dressage. I have British Teaching and Stable Management certification up to BHS Intermediate Instructor, for which I apprenticed in various barns. I bring 50 years and 3 continents worth of experience with me and love to share my knowledge with others.


Susie Williams

Susie has been a part of the Southlands Foundation since she was 4 years old and knows more than anyone what a magical place it is; one that allows people and children to explore the limits of their potential through horseback riding. Watching the growth of individuals and helping them to expand their personal boundaries is what Susie looks forward to every day. Teaching people to understand that their relationships with a horse can be a metaphor for their life is how she has incorporated her education with her passion. Susie feels truly blessed to come to work each day.

Mrs. Dows was Susie’s mentor, teacher, and beloved friend for 40 years and it is Mrs. Dow’s vision that she shares with her students. Susie trained with Harry DeLeyre for 3 years at the Knox School for Girls as well as numerous highly regarded clinicians through out her many years of riding.

Susie has a B.A in Sociology and Secondary Education, as well as an M.A in Secondary Education (Social Sciences) and has worked at Southlands in some capacity for over 30 years.


Pam Molyneux

Pam began riding at 7 and has continued to pursue her love of horses ever since. Pam grew up on Long Island where she learned to love fox hunting. She spent a good part of her first riding life doing just that and was lucky enough to get to hunt with Charlie Plumb (Mike Plumb’s father) with the Meadow Brook Hounds.

About 40 years ago, she and her husband, Ed, moved to Rhinebeck with the intent of continuing her riding. From the mid 1970’s until the late 1980’s she not only continued to ride, she was a hunting member of the Rombout Hunt. It was also at this time that she started Eventing. It was in pursuit of higher dressage scores while eventing that she became intrigued with dressage. She managed to train her old Eventer to second level as she started her second horse in training. With this second horse, she started her progression of dressage training under many clinicians. While Pam continued her dressage education, she spent about 15 years studying under Debbie Shin Bowman. Pam competed through 4th level and has continued to train ever since. She teaches beginners to intermediate in balanced seat and dressage from training up through second level.

Pam has been teaching for over 20 years at Southlands. In 2008, Pam started a modest dressage program at TSF which seems to be growing every year. She is also the manager of the Dressage Schooling Show Series that are held at Southlands.

Michele and Jonathan edel

M Edel.jpg

With a passion for teaching riders and training horses, Michele and Jonathan Edel began their team has a professional equestrian couple in 1994. Michele started her equestrian pursuits in southern NH by begging her non-horsey parents for lessons, which eventually led to riding and showing up and down the east coast while working for various trainers as a working student. Jonathan grew up showing and fox hunting in Fairfield, CT out of his parent’s small stable, gaining his colors with the Fairfield County Hounds at age 12.


J Edel.jpg

Michele and Jonathan focus their teaching program on giving their students a solid foundation of basics, combined with learning feel and compassion for the horse.  Teaching riders how to be effective through correct equitation and having fun while learning is always the common goal! They’ve spent years learning their craft and absolutely enjoy sharing the love of horses and riding with riders, from beginners to advanced competitors.