When you choose to donate beyond your annual membership your assistance goes to so many places. Your generosity can help with so many of Southlands programs.

How you can help:

Pony Field Shed: As a new drive for spring of 2018, we need $20,000 to replace a shed in the lower field for our ponies. To date we have raised around $10,000. We are halfway there! Your donation will help ensure shade in the summer, and wind block throughout the year for part of our beloved herd. Completed! Thanks so much for your support!!

Working Student Scholarships: In 2017, an anonymous member assisted in developing and sponsoring a scholarship fund for our Working Students; each year a student can receive $500 to help enhance their experience with horses. You can donate to help support a working student!

Medical Care: Southlands horses receive the finest medical attention and care. You can make a donation to a Southlands horse or pony to support their routine farrier and veterinary care; your donation will be earmarked specifically for the horse or pony you choose!

Summer Camp Scholarships: Every year Southlands and a few caring individuals offer full camp scholarships to local school children who would not normally be exposed to the world of horses.  The summer camp experience not only teaches riding and horsemanship skills, but also lays the groundwork for kindness, discipline, responsibility, and respect in those who participate.

South Barn Restoration Project: In 2016 we received a few large local grants that helped to kick off the start of the restoration of this iconic, 100+ year old building. Our goal is to complete this restoration project by the end of 2018! If historic buildings and old barns fascinate you, ask for a tour and please think about supporting this ongoing project! Completed! Thanks so much for your support!

As a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization all donations are tax deductible to the extent of the law.