The Southlands Foundation has a long history of offering a limited amount of stalls to clients who wish to board their horses at our wonderful facility in order to participate in our lesson and training program. We are committed to equine education in both horsemanship and husbandry, and welcome clients who own their own mounts.

Southlands provides quality care in a safe, pleasant, and workmanlike atmosphere. The horses are turned out daily in board fenced paddocks. Our stalls have good ventilation and are partially matted. Stalls are cleaned every morning, including most holiday: they are picked again in the afternoons.Our Barn Manager oversees the deworming and nutrition of the entire herd, with input from veterinarians and nutritionists. Farriers and specialized services such as acupuncture, chiropractic, energy balancing and massage are available on a regular basis.

Our main barn has fire-heat sensing systems with remote continuous monitoring. Theft security systems are in all tack rooms, office and supply areas, and are remotely monitored. We are fully insured to protect our clients, horses, property, and staff.

Our extensive facility includes both indoor and outdoor rings, cross country fences, and an extensive acreage of fields and wooded areas open for mounted adventures. Our trainers share the goal of producing well rounded, soundly educated mounts that are comfortable and safe in a variety of environments. For those who enjoy competition, we offer our own hunter/jumper and dressage schooling show series and travel to both unrated and rated USEF competitions throughout the year. To broaden the scope of our education, we offer regular clinics with highly regarded professionals in a variety of disciplines.

We offer the following boarding options:

Basic Board

$1020 / month

Included is daily cleaning of stall, feed, blanketing, routine booting, daily turnout, daily checking for injuries, and daily picking of feet after turnout. Extra services billed individually.

Full Board

$1,320 / month

Included is daily cleaning of stall, feed, blanketing, routine booting, daily turnout, daily checking for injuries, and daily full grooming of horse. Extra services billed individually.

Visitor Rate

$60 / day

Included is bedding, feed, daily cleaning of stall, blanketing, routine booting, and daily turnout. All horses are checked daily for injuries. Extra services are billed individually.

Pasture Board

$505 / month

A limited number of spots are available for pasture board. Horses must be approved for pasture board by the Barn Manager based on suitability and social groupings. Included is daily feeding, blanket adjustments, and daily checking for injuries. Other services are billed individually. If stall confinement is required due to injury or other need, the cost is $35.00 per day. Extra services are billed individually. This level of board is only available to owners who can be here 4-5 days per week to check on their horse(s).


All boarders must be current members of The Southlands Foundation, which entitles you to a $5.00 discount on each lesson taken.