The Southlands Foundation prides itself in creating ongoing meaningful relationships with local groups and businesses.

Southlands provides many different experiences amidst the bucolic setting of the farm and its animals. Some of these events explore the history of the founder's estate, while others encourage participants to explore nature and the animals.  We invite you to use the provided links to look deeper into these wonderful programs.

Scenic Hudson

The protected and forever green lands of The Southlands Foundation entered into a conservation easement with Scenic Hudson in December of 1987. Without the protection of Scenic Hudson in the early years the southern gateway to Rhinebeck would have been a very different.  Thanks to Mrs. Dow’s foresight and the conservation efforts of Scenic Hudson that worry and many other development challenges are gone. Scenic Hudson’s focus is on strengthening and maximizing benefits all can enjoy from the region’s great assets—beautiful open spaces, working farms, and vibrant cities and town centers.

Samaritan Daytop Village

The Southlands Foundation has established an unmounted Horsemanship Program in partnership with Samaritan Daytop Village, a nationally recognized human services organization. Samaritan Daytop provides a rich array of services including substance use treatment, mental health, primary health care and other specialized vocational and employment programs. Participants in the Southlands Horsemanship program meet at the farm weekly, giving them the opportunity to learn about nature, horses, and skills related to farm and animal care. There are many known benefits for participating. In addition to learning hands-on skills and horsemanship knowledge, interacting with animals and nature has profound benefits for physical and psychological well-being (e.g., leadership, team-building, responsibility).

The partnership between Southlands and Samaritan Daytop is grounded in a long-standing history. Foxhollow Farm was the estate of the Dows family, where they all lived for several years.  Foxhollow encompassed over 1,000 acres of land, and comprised of the properties on which The Southlands Foundation and Samaritan Daytop are located today.

We are so pleased to continue a relationship with Samaritan Daytop, which Mrs. Dows supported from its inception. She was an advocate for its operation as a rehabilitation center, in stark contrast to the sentiments of the larger community at that time, and proudly served on its first board of directors. In keeping with her views on land and its benefits for the quality of life that only fresh air and open space can provide for the human spirit she saw no better use for her beloved Foxhollow than to continue serving a population in need of sanctuary.

Still Waters in a Storm

Still Waters in a Storm is a program based in Brooklyn.  The children joined us for a day of “spending time with horses” at The Southlands Foundation in the context of their Quixote project. You can learn more about that program through this link.

Winikee Land Trust

Winikee Land Trust: On a beautiful Saturday in September 2017, the Southlands Foundation welcomed over 150 visitors to begin the Winnakee Land Trust barn tour at our South Barn.  The Southlands Foundation looks forward to continuing our cooperation with Winnakee on our trail development.

The Gallery at Rhinebeck

The Gallery at Rhinebeck and The Southland Foundation hosted a Paint Out on the Southlands Property this fall. Almost 70 community artists spent the day photographing, drawing, and painting scenes and images of our iconic property. The affaire offered the opportunity for many members of the community to experience Southlands for the first time as an artist and shared new perspectives with the community at large with an evening public auction for the art generated throughout the day.