Southlands can take donations of tack, blankets and other non-monetary goods. We reserve the right to review and decline products that will not be useful.

We also take donations of quality horses and ponies into our lesson program.

If you have a horse to donate, we would gladly speak to you further. Each potential donation is asked to come for a trial period of no less than 2 weeks and not to exceed 30 days.  We ask for an extended trial period so that we can assess the horse over a period of time. All shipping expenses are the responsibility of the owner and are tax deductible if the horse is accepted.   In cases of acceptance, owners need to have their horse professionally appraised.  This is for the owner’s benefit (and at their expense.) A professional appraisal is needed for tax donation purposes as it provides an official document of supporting evidence of monetary value and donation for the IRS.

Please contact us if you are interested in donating your horse.